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You always gain by giving love
All that you are are is all that I’ll ever need
I love her and that’s the beginning and end of everything
Love recognizes no barriers
Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies
We are most alive when we’re in love
There is no charm equal to lenderness of heart
The heart has its reasons of which reason know nothing
Love is friendship that has caught fire
Love yourself first and everything falls into line

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Jokes In English

Chintu :- This corona changed my entire thinking about good & bad
Mintu :- How ?
Chintu :- Before corona virus i used to cough to cover a fart, Now i fart to cover a cough.

Maths Teacher:- What is a line ?
Pappu: A line is a dot that’s going for a walk
Teacher:- Then what are parallel lines ?
Pappu:- A dot going for a walk with his Girlfriend.

Jokes In English | Jokes Comedy | Jokes On Corona Virus 

Teacher:- Behind every successful man there is a women what do we learn from this?
Student:- we should stop wasting time in studies and find a woman.

Boy:- what u think about our love?
Girl:- try to count the stars in the sky
Boy:- awww. it’s infinite ?
Girl:- no darling it’s a waste of time

Jokes In English | Jokes Comedy | Jokes On Corona Virus 

Boy & Girl in restaurant
Boy:- I love you
Girl:- I don’t Love u
Boy:- Think again ?
Girl:- I told u. No no & no
Boy:- Waiter, bring separate bills.
Girl:- Ok ok .. I Love u too....

Who Said English Is Easy ?
Fill this blank with “ Yes” or “ No”
1. __ I don’t have a brain.
2. __ I don’t have sense.
3. __ I am stupid.